Mineral Wool Products

Mineral Wool Products

Preform Insulations Ltd, already noted as experts in efficient insulation systems for the chemical, power, food, and industrial sectors are pleased to offer mineral wool within their extensive range of products.

Mineral wool comprises a unique range of properties combining high thermal resistance with long-term stability. It is constructed from molten glass, stone or slag and spun into a fibre structure, creating a product that no other insulation material can match:

Namely the ability to:

  • Save energy
  • Minimise pollution
  • Combat noise
  • Reduce the risk of fire and thereby protect life and property


Mineral Wool Products from Preform Insulations

All mineral wool products exhibit exceptional thermal, fire and acoustic properties and are used in a wide range of applications that harness its impressive thermal and acoustic insulation properties as well as providing fire protection.

Substantial cost savings can be made from correctly insulating buildings.



Common applications for the uses of mineral wool in buildings include:

  • loft insulation
  • cavity wall insulation
  • internal wall insulation
  • external wall insulation
  • flat roof insulation
  • the insulation of heating systems
  • hot and cold water services

Common industrial applications include:

  • large diameter pipe insulation
  • insulation of tanks and vessels
  • insulation for boilers and turbines
  • critical marine and offshore installations including fire and acoustic insulation in ships and oil rigs

For all of your mineral wool requirements, or to discuss any related insulation projects, please do not hesitate to contact us, where our sales or technical support teams will be only too pleased to assist