Armaflex - Flexible Foam Insulation


Armaflex, brought to you by Preform Insulations Ltd, is a closed cell, CFC free elastomeric nitrile, flexible foam insulation material made in tube and steel for insulating new or existing pipework, ducts and vessels.

The sheet can be obtained in continuous rolls to minimise wastage. A special self-adhesive tape is available for dealing with awkward areas. The recommended operating temperature range of -50oC to +105oC enables Armaflex to be used on chilled water lines, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework. It can also be used with heating systems & hot and cold water services.

Armaflex - Flexible Foam InsulationArmaflex achieves a Class 1 surface spread of flame - the highest possible rating when tested to BS 476 Part7: and the superior fire performance meets the Class O Building Regulations 1991 standards, is particularly suitable for use in buildings such as schools, hospitals, etc, where high standards of fire protection are essential. It is Halogen free and CFC free with a lower smoke toxicity than standard product enabling it to be utilised in industries such as the marine sector, general shipbuilding, computer rooms or other areas where chlorine free materials are required.
The product benefits from withstanding a temperature range of -50oC to +150oC, making this product ideal for all sectors where extreme temperature conditions apply.
NB. HT 625 Adhesive is specially formulated for use with HT Armaflex insulation.

Armaflex is delivered in tubes and sheets and because of the flexibility easy to install. Armaflex is fibre-free and free of any CFC. It can be installed on pipes with media running down to - 200°C.


Armaflex is ideal for all thermal and acoustic insulation required on:

  • Process work
  • Instrumentation lines
  • Hot and cold water supplies
  • Chilled water pipe work
  • Refrigeration pipe work and ancillary equipment
  • Air condition (ducts, valves, vessels, etc)

Armaflex is certified according to several international fire standards including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Other certification bodies like Lloyds, DNV and ABS.